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We have had over 5 million students use MyMathLab around the world. Read what a few users have to say about their experiences and how it's has helped them to better understand mathematics.

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  • "Instead of completing problems out of the book, [MyMathLab] lets you to complete the problems online and be told right then whether or not you're correct. The guided solutions were a huge help!"

    Florence-Darlington Technical College (SC)


    "I love the MyMathLab website. It is very easy to use and it really helped me when I didn't understand a problem."

    Onondaga Community College (NY)


    "I like being able to view media at my own pace. To rewind and replay videos if I do not understand something."

    Middlesex Community College (MA)


    "I like that MyMathLab lays out all of the things that you need to study. It keeps things in order, keeps you on track, and helps you learn how to solve all of the problems needed to pass the course. I never would have thought that I could have this much help in math while taking it online, but I really think that MyMathLab is a great resource and everyone should use it."

    University of South Florida (FL)


    "I found MyMathLab very easy and convenient to use. It was helpful with exercises I had trouble with. The pop-up message gave me hints as to what formula I should use or what to look for. I was skeptical that it would work as well as the homework at preparing me for exams, but after trying both methods I found that online problems were just as effective."

    Santa Ana College (CA)


    "MyMathLab was part of the key learning resources that I depend on for my maths module, since I can do my work at anytime and anywhere."

    London Metropolitan University ( UK )


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